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Susan Parker Rosen started Invisible Publications with one simple idea. That anyone with an invisible disease/disorder, who wishes to tell their story, should have a voice. 

We are the “Chicken Soup of the Soul of Invisible Illnesses.”

Our company provides the ability for writers to become published, in our publications, without any cost to them.  Writers submit their true account of situations that pertain to their illness in a story fashion. This assists others to read and understand, that the Invisible Disease is very real.

Susan says, “I can’t take all the credit for our projects, that goes to the entire team.  Our team has published five books to date concerning disorders such as fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and have three additional books in the pipeline.”

When asked why she started writing so late in life. Susan said it was a spiritual message. “In 2010 my deceased aunt hugged me in a dream, suggested I start with a blank piece of paper.” At age 60 and in need of a new career, she did just that. Susan started to write her first fictional novel. “I completed and self-published that book in 2013 and never looked back.”

She has the following message for anyone that wants to follow their dream:

“If you are given the passion to do something, no matter what your age or circumstances – get serious and work towards that goal, it may change your life forever!”

Susan Rosen-Latham

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Meet the team at Invisible Publications

Author, Tammi Powell

Tammi Powell – Co-Author, The Many Faces of Fibro, Work or Disability? 

Having a background in running her own business, Tammi fought fibromyalgia until she surrendered, then she began to live again.





Carrie Conley – Publishing Manager     

Co-Author of:

The Many Faces of COVID-19

The Many Faces of Narcissistic Survivors

Grandma of 4, pain advocate, pain patient, writer, crafter




 Author, Susan Parker Rosen, Founder,  Invisible Publications. 

Mom to a Pug, a Pomchi and three cats, lover of nature, gardening, gourmet foods, walking and loving life. 


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