The Many Faces of Covid-19

Coming in 2021 – We are in the process of collecting stories for this upcoming book. 

By Susan Parker Rosen and Carrie Conley

A Time Capsule. Our first book, where you do not need to be a patient. We will write from our own experiences of the Pandemic events and you do not need to be a Covid-19 patient. This book is to document the Pandemic stories as they are fresh in our minds during the announcements, the various lockdowns, the quarantines and how all of this has affected so many peoples lives beginning in 2020, whether they are patients or not.

Perhaps you lost a loved one due to Covid-19 or someone you know has lost a loved one. Your story could help someone else who has had a similar traumatic loss. Or perhaps you are an essential worker and saw some heartbreaking situations and you want to make sure people know, especially 5 to 10 years or more down the road, exactly what you witnessed As we all know that people tend to forget these things and they become distant memories. Or perhaps you lost a job or a business opportunity due to the lock-down.

There are going to be stories of families that have been torn apart, partnerships dissolved yet the stories will show that we still have hope. We still get up everyday and work through our struggles. Let’s make sure we document for history’s sake and for our own sanity, the true stories. The real deal of what happened in our lives, not just in one state but everywhere the Pandemic hit.

We are looking for people to simply write from the heart about their experiences with Covid-19.

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