The Many Faces of Fibro- Work or Disability?

Work or Disability

Susan Parker Rosen and Jo Jones

Coming in 2021 – We are in the process of collecting stories for this upcoming book. 

True stories by real patients. We need short stories that diplict your life with fibro as it pertains to working or disability. Your story could help another patient with their struggles as they go through the decision of leaving the workplace or they start the overwhelming process of applying.

Going through the process of applying for disability can be a very humbling and possibly even a demeaning process. By explaining how you tackled not only the sea of paperwork and the entourage of doctors all that want you working you could help another person facing the same issues. 

Perhaps you are still working and are planning to continue working. Your story may also assist others with fibromyalgia to juggle that decision as well. Managing your health plus keeping a fulltime job isn’t for all of us with fibro but you may have found answers to doing just that. Sharing is our way of giving back. 

Or maybe you have applied and want to take on a part-time job or start a small business and don’t know how the Government laws’ concerning collecting disability and working may apply to your new interests. 

To qualify for writing for this particular book you do need to be a fibromyalgia patient.

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