The Many Faces of Narcissistic Survivors

Coming in 2021 – We are in the process of collecting stories for this upcoming book. 

You know if you have been involved with a Narcissistic. You may not know right away, but sooner then later you start to see the masks fall off the abuser. Sometimes they fall off very slowly others quicker then others. They are bullies, they gaslight, deflect, demean and you’ll never really know where you stand in their lives.

We need short memoirs that describe your experiences with a Narcissistic relationship. This abuse is not only survived by women, men can struggle at the hands of a Narcissistic Abuser.  Plus, they may not always be a romantic partner. They can show up in your lives in the work place, your neighbors, your family and believe it or not your circle of friends.

Stories need to be told for a few reasons, telling your truths could help you in your healing and once published your story could help countless others.  This healing seems to occur with writers from other subject matter, we have many testimonials from writers whom enjoy writing for us and feeling the healing occur.

These stories must be real and submission is closed to ghostwriters. You must certify that you were in that particular relationship. You must have suffered (or still suffering) at the hands of a Narcissistic Abuser.

If you have a story, please consider writing for us.