We appreciate you

Thank you so much for submitting your story. Know that we appreciate you.

We at Invisible Publications would like you to know the steps we take with your story so that it shines when it gets to the publisher. 

You are on your way to becoming published. 

  • Your story is reviewed and if we have any questions we will contact you. 
  • We edit your story and will do our best to make it shine. 
  • The stories all get submitted in a manuscript and if we have any perks that are offered, such as free bios, etc. we will contact you for those additional submissions. For more information please refer to the email updates you will receive during this exciting process!!
  • There are occasions where we do “red-flag” a story that may not fit our criteria and also we have a few rules with a depending on the books topic. If this occurs, we’ll let you know right away and try to work a solution to revise the story. 
  • The book goes to publishing! 
  • During this process we have Facebook groups that you can join to follow the books progress and engage in fun contests along the way. We will get you information as to the links of the groups in our emails, so please read each and every one. 

Questions? Email us at invisiblepublications@gmail.com

*Once submitted, all rights to the stories received belong to Invisible Publications. Please do not reprint without our prior written approval. We also reserve the right to make changes and omissions to all submitted stories to fit the criteria of our books’ topic or to refuse stories for any reason. Invisible Publications remains harmless against all claims.

There is NO cost to become involved. It’s our passion to spread awareness since the team at Invisible Publications all struggle ourselves. We do however depend on book sales, product sales and donations to continue this mission.