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Start with a blank piece of paper.” Our founder, Susan Parker Rosens’ deceased Aunt Ethel had spoken to her in a dream. Ten years ago and at age 60 Susan did just that and published her first manuscript. Today we are putting together books for all types Invisible Diseases and Disorders, all written by real patients or real experiences. We would love for you to join us.

Write for Us

If you struggle with an Invisible Disease or Disorder and you can write a Social Media Post about your health issues and how it pertains to your daily life, then we want you! We only want real patients or people with authentic experiences to write for our publications.

Our team spends our time collecting the stories provided, editing and putting them into a publication that is available on Amazon and many other venues. If you are curious about our program and want to learn more then please fill out this quick form. It’s painless, we promise.

Our upcoming books need compassionate stories that not only show the nature of the topic but how real it truly is. Send your form in today. It’s quick and easy!